Meet the crew



Colin Plummer - Coxswain



Colin is currently the longest standing member of crew still serving on the boat.

Colin has just recieved his second Queens Jubillee Medal.

Paul Francis - Second Coxswain


Paul, or Ginge works in the local area as

a telephone engineer and is a RYA Powerboat Instructor.



Wayne Ellis  - Helm


Wayne is nicknamed Dribbley for a reason only known by other members

of the crew.  He joined the service at 14 and was a member of the Junior Crew

before moving up to full crew and now helm.   He works for the NHS.


Andrew 'Bloggsy' Smith - Helm


Andrew has been on the crew for several years.

He currently works for the NHS.


Phil Beck - Crew


Phil has a very experienced background in watersports

including surf kayaking.

He lives in the village with his wife and children.

Jason O'Toole - Crew & Mechanic


Jason works in and around the village for his gardening business.


Lowie Simon - Crew


Lowie works for a local haulage firm as a class 1 HGV driver

and has been on the crew for over 2 years.

He is the current holder of the bent prop award.

David Haynes - Crew & Mechanic





Nick Alexander - Chairman & Shore Crew


Nick is a farmer by trade and ex-Coxswain of the Lifeboat.

Nick stood down from Coxswain in November 2009 to spend more

time with his young family, but still plays a very active part

in the service as crew and Chairman.



David Francis - Helm




Bob Francis - Shore Crew


Helen Heywood - Operational Administrator


Pam Tidd - Secretary


Pam has played very active part in the crew for many years

and does a very good job of keeping all of the crew in line at crew meetings

Olivia Clare - Crew
Georgia Burt - Junior Crew

Rhiannon Warby - Trainee Crew



Ryan Yerrell - Crew


Jack Hudson - Junior Crew



Krystle Cremin - Junior Crew




Owen Hudson - Trainee Crew




Anthony Bravery - Trainee Crew




Darren McKnespiey - Trainee Crew



Mick Ellis - Shore Crew



Tony Coleman - Shore Crew



Scott Cullum - Shoe Crew



David Greer - Shore Crew



Timon Bradley - Probation



Martin Woods - Probation