Mundesley Christmas Fayre

24th November 2019


Mundesley Lifeboat Charity Shop




Mundesley Boat Day 2019


     Our Lifeboat Day was again very successful with many locals and visitors attending.   The weather was fine but very windy resulting in us not having many gazebos erected.   The day commenced at 10.00am with a church service in the circus big top and some very enthusiastic gospel singing echoing across the park.

     We must give a big thank you to all the stall holders for their help, many of whom also serve in our charity shop in the village.   We are pleased to let everyone know that the day raised over £3000, helping to fund the annual running cost of the Lifeboat.


     During the day our Chairman Nick Alexander made a presentation to Dave and Hazel Marshall.   Both had been Trustees of our charity and Dave had been on the Crew and was Coxswain for many years.   Hazel had also been Chair of the Friends of Mundesley Lifeboat for several years.   We wish them both a happy retirement and thank them both for their valuable support.



Easter Sunday 21st April 2019


The Norfolk Broads rowing crew, Kate Palmer, Helen Hogan & Sandra Squire visited the Lifeboat House in Mundesley.  They delivered Easter eggs and were shown around the facility by Coxswain Colin Plummer.



Easter Sunday Training





      Our Lifeboat was off service from 10th to the 18th February for its annual refit.   The work that the lifeboat carries out is at times difficult but also severe on the lifeboat and equipment it carries. The annual refit gives us the chance to look in detail at all aspects of the boat to ensure it is fit for another year.


      The work this year was carried out by the Service Mechanic David Haynes, the Second Coxswain Paul Francis and the Treasurer Bob Francis.


      The lifeboat hull, inflation tubes and engine received a thorough inspection, service and minor remedial action in a few areas. The on-board VHF radio aerials were replaced with a different arrangement so that they could be stowed horizontally above head height while in the boathouse and  then erected when outside. All cabling between the radio equipment and aerials was also replaced as this was found to be a weak point in the past.    The emergency re-righting equipment was removed and received a thorough service and re-certification by Servitec who also inspected and re-certified the Crew’s lifejackets.

Additionally inspection and servicing work was also carried out on the launching tractor, the lifeboat trailer and several aspects of the boathouse systems during this same week.


      The Lifeboat returned to service on 18th as scheduled, ready for a further years hard work.



Swift Water Rescue Training

In September, five senior crew members attended a DEFRA Level 3 Swift Water Rescue Technician training course run by ‘Rescue 3’ based on the River Dee at Llangollen in Wales.

The four-day course involved intensive training in rescuing casualties from fast-flowing water, together with all aspects of self-rescue.   This will allow MILB to expand its Flood Rescue Team to assist in cases of coastal flooding in North Norfolk.


All those who attended achieved the Technician Qualification and found the course to be beneficial.   It is hoped that further Crew will be able to attend the course and gain the valuable skills it provides in future.




Almost £4,000 was raised on this year's Boat Day on 13th August








‘On Saturday 3rd June the Lifeboat Crew hosted a film crew together with Alex Langlands who has appeared in the TV Edwardian Farm programme. The film crew were making a programme featuring Mundesley village to be shown on BBC 4 later in the year. Alex chatted to the Coxswain and members of the Lifeboat Crew while the filming was taking place and was interested in the working of the Service. The film crew then took footage of the Lifeboat Crew preparing and taking part in a practice launch.’



                    MILB took part in an exercise with NCI (Mundesley), practising spotting and plotting in case of person or persons lost at sea.   These joint exercises help to promote understanding between two local volunteer services that would be working together in case of a real emergency situation.  

See Gallery Page for more images.


          MILB are looking for new volunteers; if you live or work in the Mundesley area and think you might be interested, please feel free to visit us at the Lifeboat Station on a Sunday morning or Monday evening.


Crew Status System


Paul Francis & Darren Rogers of Broadland Computers


          Mundesley Lifeboat recently took formal delivery of a new hi-tech system that gives the Coxswain and management important information on the availability of its Crew Members.

Like many other volunteer emergency organisations, the Crew of Mundesley Lifeboat have busy working lives, at times taking them outside the village and the ability to respond to Lifeboat calls.   In the past the Crew would text or ring the Coxswain and other members of the management team giving their availability and readiness to respond.   This put a lot of work on the Coxswain to keep track of the Crew, and ensure sufficient people were available to launch the Lifeboat should it be required.  Some of the Lifeboat Crew discussed this situation with Darren Rogers of Broadland Computers, who provides computer support to the Lifeboat.   The result has been on trial for nearly 8 months and is proving invaluable to the Coxswain and management team.   The Crew send a regular text with their availability to a mobile phone number, which in turn sends information to a secure web page on the Internet.   At any time the Crew status can be viewed by anyone with the appropriate access and a smart phone or computer.   The web page also lists the various job functions, i.e. Helmsmen or Beach Crew, and how many are available at any one time.   The 'system' then sends a confirmation text in return to say that it has received the original message.   Colin Plummer, the Coxswain, said, “This new system has helped to reduce our work-load monitoring Crew availability and all for the approximate monthly cost of a mobile phone rental.   We have already found new ways of using the system to our benefit and if all goes well, will continue with a further upgrade later in the year.”

          Other similar volunteer organisations requiring details of the system can contact the Service on


Annual Refit

          During February our Lifeboat was taken off service for a week to carry out its annual refit.   The Lifeboat is worked hard during the year and some of the equipment and systems were showing signs of wear and tear.   This year, besides a thorough inspection of the Lifeboat hull, tubes and many minor jobs, the following work was carried out :-

1) Removal and repairs to both VHF radios including aerial replacement and AIS inspection.

2) Service of outboard engine together with replacement of gas lift equipment.

3) Service and recertification of lifeboat re-righting equipment and Crew’s lifejackets.

4) Refitting and replacement of emergency oars.

5) Service and minor repairs to launching tractor.

6) Service and minor repairs to launching carriage.

          The work was carried out in house under the management of the Service Mechanic David Haynes assisted by Paul Francis, Jason O’Toole and Bob Francis.

           The Service was helped throughout the week by several local companies all of whom we would like to thank for their support with our successful refit.

1) Survitec located in Gt.Yarmouth. (Lifejacket and re-righting equipment servicing)

2) Norfolk Marine from Wroxham (Engine parts and general chandlery)

3) R N Slaughter from Ingworth (Tractor servicing and repairs)

4) Marine Weld Fabrication from North Walsham (General fabrication)


Boathouse Security Upgrade

          During February the Service carried out an upgrade to the existing boathouse security system. Additional and replacement cameras were added to protect the boathouse itself and the surrounding areas.

            The work was carried out successfully by local company PanaEpos, located in Coltishall.


Boxing Day Dip 2016

           Once again the Boxing day dip was a success with more then 200 dippers raising over £1000 for 2 local charities in Mundesley.


EDP Stars of Norfolk and Waveney

Mundesley Lifeboat was proud to recieve a special award at the EDP Stars of Norfolk and Waveney. Our chairwomen of friends Wendy was there to recieve the award.


Mundesley Lifeboat Fundraising

Mundesley Lifeboat would once again like to thank The Costessey Bush PH for their generous donation of £1500. This was received at our annual darts match against The Bush. We lost that leg 5-1 and are ready for the return leg at Mundesley.

Below is a picture of our Coxswain Wayne and Gary from the Bush.

New Search Lights for ILB Mundesley Lifeboat have recently purchased some new LED torches from Unilite. They were instantly put into use this week on a night time shout searching for 13 missing runners on a coastline marathon.

New Hot Water Cylinder for boathouse Mundesley Lifeboat would like to thanks Warmflow Cylinders providing a new hot water cylinder for the lifeboat station allowing crew to have a hot shower after callouts. Below is a picture of the new cylinder along with heating engineer and crewmember Stuart.

New Slipway October-15

Civil engineering company Godfrey have commenced construction of a replacement slipway access to the beach near the Lifeboat Station.


The existing beach access for fishing boats and the Lifeboat is difficult and potentially dangerous

with tractors and boats having to carry out a zig-zag manoeuvre close to a steep drop onto the sand.

The existing concrete slope is also awash from the sea for several hours during high spring tides.


The new slipway has been jointly funded by North Norfolk District Council and the Fisherman’s

Local Action Group (FLAG) and work is well advanced.


The new wooden slipway will allow for direct safe access to the beach for both working fishing boats and

the Lifeboat Service at a higher point up the beach.


Picture showing Rock armour ready for installation





Meeting Humber Rescue Oct - 15

The crew and friends of Mundesley Lifeboat welcomed crew from Humber Independent lifeboat today at the end of their fundraising event, which involved biking from Their boathouse on the Humber Estuary to Mundesley's Lifeboat station.Pictured are the Humber crew along with crew and Friends from Mundesley.



 Mundesley Lifeboat would like to thank Paul and Christine Damen for the very kind donation of some publicity banners for our boat day and boxing day dip.

Training with Search and Rescue Helicopters - 29th March 2015

The day of 29th March 2015 proved to a busy one for the crew and friends of Mundesley Lifeboat.The day was broken into two where the morning session was spent training with the new coastguard helicopter based in Humberside.Intensive training included static and running winches with the lifeboat and Augusta Westland helicopter, helping the crew to understand how different it is compared to the existing RAF Sea King Helicopter from Wattisham.

Following this training in the afternoon Mundesley Lifeboat was visited by Sea King 125 from the RAF base at Wattisham. The base is being closed this year and it will be the last time that we will be able to train with the iconic Sea King helicopter.

Again the Lifeboat took part in static and running winches and also crew were recovered from the sea and ferried to a landing site on the cliff set up by Mundesley and Happisburgh Coastguard team.

After training was complete the Sea King set down at the landing site and the friends of Mundesley Lifeboat presented the crew of the Sea King with a cake commemorating the working partnership for over 43 Years. 

AL pictures copyright Wendy J Copping





Members of Mundesley Lifeboat are pictured below receiving a cheque from Fishing Club. They raised the money by organising a fishing competition at Weybourne which also included a raffle.

Mundesley Lifeboat were invited to the Costessey Bush fun and open day. Friends Chair Wendy and Junior crew Olivia attended a wet and windy day and raised £164.